Storytime Reflections

Today I have the privilege to see 3 great youth librarians/children's' programming specialists run their branch's storytimes, so I can work on my personal practice. Morning take-a-ways from "R" is for Rocket Have a visual for the topic of the day Consider doing a letter or number of the day, like Sesame street Have big … Continue reading Storytime Reflections


Readers’ Advisory that’s fun for everyone

Heeeey you guuuuys!  This is something I'm super psyched about!! After a killer NoveList training, I made a book recommendation treasure hunt for middle grades surrounding our branch's most requested series-- Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I'm getting my stats from CollectionHQ's "Promote" lists, FYI.  It's got a endcap sign, shelf talkers with QR codes to … Continue reading Readers’ Advisory that’s fun for everyone

Readers Advisory beyond shelf talkers

So after my big displays, today I used my reading map skills and everything I learned from the killer EbscoHost Novelist trainings to make a "while you wait display" with just enough info to tempt a Sue Grafton fan. Hopefully we see some checkouts! I used Novelist read-alikes for both Y is for Yesterday  and … Continue reading Readers Advisory beyond shelf talkers