Storytime Thursday: Houses and Homes

Books: Do Lions Live on Lily Pads, Hello Door, House in the Night. hon mention: A House is a House for Me, Too Tall Houses

Oh my gosh Hello Door is just as much fun as I had hoped it would be! So great at working on prediction and drawing inferences as well.

Flannel: Owl in the ____ house (My version of Little Mouse, Little Mouse)

Whose House? both from Sunflower Storytime

Songs: The Monsters Stomp Around the House Credit: Jbrary


Here is a nest for robin (cup both hands)
Here is a hive for bee (fists together)
Here is a hole for bunny (make a circle)
And here is a house for ME! (make a roof)
Credit: Perry Public Library via StorytimeKatie

“Here is a House”
Here is a house built up high (hands over head to make a roof)
With two big chimneys reaching for the sky (raise arms up high)
Here is a window (draw a square)
Here is a door (pretend to open a door)
If we look inside (peek through fingers)
There’s a mouse on the floor! (scamper fingers away)
Credit: Perry Public Library via StorytimeKatie

Tap at the door,
Tap one hand with fingers of other
Peep in,
Form fingers into rings around eyes.
Turn the knob,
Make turning motion with other hand.
Walk in,
Walk fingers of one hand on palm of other.
And – shut the door!
Clap loudly.

Credit: SurLaLune Storytime via Sunflower Storytime


Pinterest planning board:

I did Sunflower Storytime’s microwavable puffy paint–lots of fun even though something odd happened to my green “paint.” I found construction paper worked pretty well for us, so I didn’t have to cut down cardstock. I just photocopied a freehand line drawing onto the construction paper, but you can go blank if you want!

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