Pinterest Programming and Community Partnerships

Whew! Another great Crafturday down in the books. A local knitting studio helped teach our ~20 participants how to make awesome hand-knit scarves.  More than having some fine ladies teach on a topic I'm not an expert, they have inspired future programs as we've discussed doing some sassy and salty cross stitches together over the … Continue reading Pinterest Programming and Community Partnerships

A Mardi Gras Book Tasting

This week we had a stellar book-tasting themed BookSpring giveaway event for the 5th graders.  I had a blast dressing up as a waitress, reviewing genres, book talking, and carrying platters of killer fiction, GN, and fun non-fiction. I was thrilled to get Heart of a Samurai and Crossover into the hands of some enthusiastic readers. Take-aways: don't … Continue reading A Mardi Gras Book Tasting

Storytime Thursday: Valentine’s Day for Toddlers

Y'all, my flannel game has reached new heights this week! Thanks to the lovely templates from Sunflower Storytime, I have the cutest animal valentines cards.  Also, I have deeply contemplated closing with the Barney song, so there's a chance I've been abducted by aliens. This week involved a lot of hemming and hawing over books, … Continue reading Storytime Thursday: Valentine’s Day for Toddlers

Storytime Thursday: Trains

How much do we love trains? After last week's surprise baby storytime, I made sure I had plenty of possibilities! Book 1 What Wheels Do/ Meeow and the Little chairs (baby option) Book 2: I'm Fast Flannel: Clickety Clack, Vehicle Guessing Game Book 3: Dinosaur Train/Freight Train (baby option) As always, I relied heavily … Continue reading Storytime Thursday: Trains