Storytime Thursday: Animals in Cold Places

So today’s storytime threw me for a loop! First I realized I wanted to make a polar bear mask, but thanks to ditching Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See, I had a made Tuesday scramble for a polar bear book!  Secondly, my little muchkins were babies, rather than the usual toddler/preschool blend.  Thankfully, some quick thinking and a bunch of bouncy movement songs made this storytime adapt to our group.

Also, my brain went on vacation that afternoon and I simply could not find legos in time for Lego Lab, so we tried out squishy circuits for next week’s elementary science fair instead.


The polar bear mask craft was a big success! My storytime mentor did tell me that I could leave my leftovers out for passive programming in the children’s section, so that’s what I’ll do!


The penguin puppet was a success, but I definitely am not up to a telling a whole story with the a puppet, turning pages is hard!

The polar bear flannel was a cute twist on the Mouse is in the ___ House, and of course he was in an igloo! I did really enjoy our imaging playing in the snow game.

Books: If You Were a Penguin, A Hat for Minerva Louise, and Polar Bear Morning

Flannels: 5 Perky Penguins and The Polar Bear Lives in the ___ House. Credit for many songs and fingerplays to Sunflower Storytime

Find my Winter Animals Pinboard here:

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