Storytime Thursday: Snow and Cold

I knew this week’s storytime would have a science focus, so I had some upfront fun playing with making the very best snow dough. Cornstarch is the most moldable, but baking soda has the best sandy texture.  Conditioner works better than lotion, and makes for an evaporatively cooled dough even if you can’t chill it.  Evidence of experimentation and my prior life as a science teacher:


Book 1: Millions of Snowflakes


Books 2: There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow


Book 3: Under My Hood I Have a Hat


Flannels: 5 Little Snowflakes and Building a Snowman

STEM Focus: states of matter/physical changes. Since we had a fantastic snow last night, the discussion centered around what snow feels like, and what the heat from our hands or the sun makes snow do, and where the water goes when it dries up.

Craft: Sequin Snowflakes

Planning pinboard

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