Selecting Literature for Teens and Tweens

I met my mentor librarian for the first time in person today and was thoroughly energized by her ideas and enthusiasm.  Among other things, we discussed the challenges of selecting culturally relevant and reading-level appropriate literature for middle grades to keep girls reading.  I observed that during a class assignment I had found most multicultural … Continue reading Selecting Literature for Teens and Tweens


The Web 2.0 Librarian

As I learn more about digital citizenship and Web 2.0, I'm excited to incorporate something new into my group copyright project.  After reading about social bookmarking, I was excited to try as I found Diigo's restrictive privacy and low usership off-putting and am getting tired of Pinterest's pervasive ads.  Sadly, the Learnist operation has … Continue reading The Web 2.0 Librarian

Thinking about the Librarian as Learner in Chief

What I'm reading: The Black Belt Librarian by Warren Graham This week I've been considering responding rather than reacting to situations by creating a plan/intention in advance.  In class, I've been reading about the Librarian as an educator who seeks out needs and priorities of the school and PLCs at work within the school to cater to … Continue reading Thinking about the Librarian as Learner in Chief